All Natural Microbial Fertilization Healthcare Program


Florida Gardener offers an all natural fertilization program.  We use organic materials that work symbiotically with the environment rather than sterilizing it, to promote the best growth for your landscape.   The owner of Florida Gardener, Rich Plungis, is an all natural organic landscape healthcare specialist with a Bachelor's Degree in Organic Chemistry and Engineering.  He has studied natural fertilization products and applications and has a successful organic process to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and thriving without the need for chemical applications.  

What the Program Includes:

1. Slow release organic soil amendment
Provides on demand release of micro and macro nutrient food to the plants

2. Beneficial bacteria foliar for fungus disease defense
Brings balance to unwanted fungus vs. beneficial fungus

3. Organic soil amendment micro and macro nutrient soil binder and nutrient transfuser
Prevents leaching into streams and water table

4. Fungal and bacterial natural restore complex, foliar and ground
Maintains microbial soil activity & prevents disease

5. Organic food source for soil microbes that maintains natural soil microbial balance and
naturally fertilizes the landscape

A micro & macro nutrient supply source

6. Mycorrhizal fungus root inoculation for plants and lawn
95% of the world plants require Mycorrhizal fungus to thrive and maintain immunity to disease


Why is "Living Soil" important?
Healthy soil contains an ecosystem of beneficial bacteria, fungi, worms and insects. This “living soil” is able to breakdown organic and inorganic matter and provide nutri-ents to plants in a highly efficient manner. In their absence, plants will struggle to remain healthy and lose its defense ability. Each organism in the soil plays a role to a well balanced healthy soil which enables plants to thrive in.
A “living soil” will hold nutrients, breakdown pesticides and toxic residues and prevent them from leaching into our aquifers. A sandy soil will leach over 75% of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides whenapplied and a plant will only absorb a fraction of what is remaining,, and less if it is not connected with Mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria. A plant hosted in “living soil” will have increased drought toler-ance, a natural source of macro nutrients and reduced pesticide needs, maximum nutrient uptake, and maximum health defense against diseases and pests. A “living soil” will bind with nutrients and not allow them to leach away. Thus, once established, less organic and inorganic nutrients need to be applied year after year.

A Delicate Balance

Ninety five percent of plants on earth live symbiotically with beneficial fungus and bacteria and cannot thrive without each other. Using the wrong fertilizers, synthetic or organically derived can be detrimental. It will break the fungi to plant relationship, increase watering needs, break the plant’s independence, kill off the good fungi, allow bad fungi and bacteria to take over, break the soil eco balance, perpetuate leaching into the aquifers and streams and increase pesticidal needs to maintain and create what we call “dead earth” or sterile environment.

This program is designed to replicate and re-establish soil conditions, root and fungal relationships as found natu-rally in rainforests and ecosystems around the world. It contains over 30 different known beneficial fungus and bacteria that live symbiotically in relationship with living plants which boosts their health and immunity against disease and pests to the maximum potential.


What are the Benefits?

Stronger, healthier turf and plants & less watering
Water and nutrient retention are better in a living soil that contains organic binders and is transfused to plants through fungi hyphae networks . One tablespoon of living soil contains hundreds of miles of hyphae.

A safe, healthy lawn environment
Your family and pets can safely enjoy your lawn without fear of chemical exposure. Microbes digest years of toxic pesticidal residue and purify your landscape.

Improve root growth, stamina, plant color & vigor
Restores the balance in the soil and re-establishes the Mycorrhizal fungus to root relationship organically providing healthier landscape.

Zero carbon footprint
Organic fertilization does not contribute to global warming and reduces nitrogen release leaching into the groundwater table and into streams and ponds.
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