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Florida Gardener Landscape Management, Inc. is a family owned business which we began in 2003. We are a full service landscape company specializing in natural and organic lawn and plant care, landscape maintenance, horticulture healthcare, landscape design and irrigation and drainage design, repairs and troubleshooting. We pride ourselves in always being available to our customers whether it is an emergency irrigation repair or just being available to answer your call.

Rich Plungis is the Owner and Manager of Florida Gardener. He holds two science degrees - one B.S. in Chemistry specialty thesis in Natural Products, the other involving Biochemistry and Intensive Engineering. He utilizes his science and engineering skills to provide our customers with the best property care available. He is very environmentally conscious, works closely with the University of Florida Extension Office and has recently developed a patent-pending soil formula that reduces the amount of water needed for lawns while still maintaining a healthy lawn. He currently made a major breakthrough in the development of a lawn treatment that is all natural non-pesticidal that boosts the health of the lawn and at the same time fights off fungus growth in the lawn and makes it more cold tolerant, which is also patent-pending.

Rich's engineering training complements his irrigation skills where he designs large commercial scale 50-250gal/min and small residential 15-30 gal/min irrigation systems including water saving micro-irrigation systems. Rich works closely with our customers, their properties and our landscape crews to provide the best landscape maintenance and solutions possible to our customers. He is always striving to make our company the best landscape service available. Lastly, Rich has developed into a great landscape designer, something that came naturally to him which he probably inherited from his great grandfather Hughson Hawley, a famous architectural designer. His work in this area has spurred him to start growing exotic and hard to find plants and flowers to enrich his landscape designs and bring uniqueness to our customer's properties. Rich's work speaks for itself - just take a look in our portfolio.

Cathy Plungis is the Co-owner and Garden Designer and Office Manager of Florida Gardener. She is available to receive your calls and answer any billing or scheduling questions you have. Cathy has an Associate's Degree in Paralegal Arts and Science and prior to entering the landscaping field worked as a Paralegal for seven years in New Jersey. Cathy's love for animals drove her to own her own pet sitting business for several years as well. For the last 20 years, she has been experiencing with perennial gardening in New Jersey, Texas, and Florida. Therefore, she is familiar with a wide variety of plants and has an extensive library of gardening information to assist her in finding the right plants for each job. Almost every plant we offer to our customers for their property has already been grown in Cathy's personal garden. She likes to test out each plant to see what type of soil and light requirements work best for it in our climate so we know where best to place it for optimal growing. We also have had many customers visit her gardens to get ideas for their own property. Cathy is always happy to perform research on plants for our customers when they are looking for a certain type of plant. She has many nursery contacts throughout Nassau County and Jacksonville and is diligent in finding just what our customers want. Cathy works with our landscape design program to create a color image of your landscaping design so you can see exactly what it will look like at your property and make any wanted changes before the installation begins. She is always happy to provide our customers with pictures and descriptions of any plants they are not familiar with.

Cathy is always designing new theme gardens for our customers including vegetable gardens, tropical, asian, butterfly and shade gardens. She also loves to design gardens that attract hummingbirds and bees.  Cathy and Rich have three children - Skylar, Landon, and  River, who love to help with all of their home gardening projects.

Hary Canelas is the Crew Manager of Florida Gardener.  He is very experienced in lawn maintenance and landscape care and has a great attention to detail.  He strives to make our customer's properties stand out professionally and has the skills to obtain this.  He always makes sure our equipment is in top condition to be able to perform properly on the customer's property. Hary is always happy to meet with our customers during the regular visit to discuss any questions or concerns you have.  Let the office know if you would like him to call for you when he is at your property or, you are always welcome to step out and chat with him when you see him.
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